Learn The Best Way To Shoot A Basketball

Basketball is one of the most enjoyable and interesting games being played in the world so far. It can be played by any gender and by people of all ages. As long as you have love for the game, you are good to go.

However, for you to really get much out of the game and have a competitive edge, then you need to learn how to play it

First Step is having your eyes on the prize or the target. It is important to focus on the target as this will guide your accuracy and motivate how you take your shot.

Second step is working on your balance and stance. Your feet should be at shoulder width apart for good balance and your shooting foot slightly ahead so that it is in a comfortable position.


They should point in the direction of the basket and once you are sure that you have a comfortable stance, be consistent on this with every shot taken as this is critical. Also, make sure that with every shot you bend or flex your knees.

Third step is moving the ball in the shot pocket when you catch it Ensure that everything is lined up so that a straight line is formed between the basket and your shooting eye.

Grip the ball properly and position it some inches just above the waist. Just like before, make sure the basketball is in the same position every time you are getting ready to take a shot.

How you grip the ball is very critical when playing basketball. The fingertips of your shooting hand should be in a perpendicular position to the ball seams. There should be a space between the middle of the palm and the ball so that it can easily roll off the fingertips.

Your fingers should be spread far apart to give you maximum control over the ball while at the same time ensuring that it sits on the pads of your fingers. The hand not shooting should hold the ball by the side, be immobile when the shot is taken and should always be the first one to release the ball.

shoot basketball

When taking the shot, ensure your elbow is in a position that is comfortable under the ball. There should be coordination between your arms, core and legs when you jump while your knees are straightened. The ball is propelled with help from the legs which are swept forward when the shot is taken.

Jump naturally as this will balance your shot and tension will be relieved. Immediately before reaching the height of the jump, release the ball while the elbow is straightened. The ball arches when you snap your wrist during release. The ball should roll off the fingertips towards the basket and move in a backspin motion. Finally, follow-through is when your shooting hand resembles a swan’s shape, there is an elegant arching of the arm towards the basket, and the fingers are pointed in the direction of the hoop.…